Vidrio Color

Manufacturer: Castañuelas del Sur

Professional castanet of the brand Castanets del Sur.

Price (Tax Included): 131.95
(Total: 131.95 €)

This material is from high precision to all that to hardness. It is composed for finally sheets of paper impregnated with a specific resin.

This material performs great power of sound and is specially used by soloists and groups in scenes outdoors. Also it is very recommended for teachers who have to stand out on his pupils. It can be ideal for persons with the delicate hands.


Vidrio Negro nº 1 (10 cm x 7,8 cm)

Vidrio Negro nº 3 (9,6 cm x 7,7 cm)

Vidrio Negro nº 5 (9,3 cm x 7 cm)

Vidrio Negro nº 7 (8,7 cm x 6,6 cm) 


- Difference between " with beak " and " without beak ": The difference between the professional model with beak and without beak it is purely aesthetic, not concerning by no means in his sound. Some professionals find this more comfortable model, on having lacked the small step that supposes the beak.


- Difference between " veined or smooth ": difference does not exist as for the sound, only it offers an aesthetic change.

He appears in a casing in the shape of purse lined with skin of borreguillo with light-fittings of closing (available in all the colors) 

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